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Safer Independence


Retain Healthcare are proud to offer our “Safer Independence” service

Our 'Safer Independence' service is a groundbreaking initiative designed to enhance the independence and well-being of local residents. Embracing the rapid evolution of technology, this service combines cutting-edge technology with our CQC regulated care provision, delivering round-the-clock care at a fraction of the traditional cost. This innovation responds to both local and national aspirations to integrate technology into social care, thereby expanding market capacity.

In collaboration with IoT Solutions Group, we've developed a discreet and effortless digital sensor unit that monitors daily activity patterns. Placed on a kitchen shelf, the Safer Independence care sensor captures seamless insights into routines, enabling the early detection of changes that may indicate a fall or the onset of an illness. In the event of such changes, automatic email alerts are triggered, ensuring swift attention and support. These alerts are directed to the dedicated team at Retain Healthcare, a CQC regulated care provider, offering peace of mind and a responsive service precisely when it's needed.

We take pride in making home care more affordable during a time of heightened cost of living concerns. The Safer Independence service starts at just £25.00 per week, providing an economical option to keep individuals safer at home for an extended duration.

We will offer support, advice and refer to other services including the voluntary sector if appropriate. 

We will also:

  • Contact next of kin if needed
  • Provide a call out service if the person needs additional support or in the event, we cannot contact them
  • Peace of mind for families
  • Reduced need for care visits 
  • Greater independence for individuals
  • A service that is not affected by seasonal pressures

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