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Preferred Supplier / Master Vendor

Benefits of a Preferred Supplier Contract

As an experienced preferred provider to many healthcare organisations – let Retain Healthcare help save you time and money whilst delivering a high quality service.

We offer discounted rates and additional benefits for a first call / Preferred supplier agreement.

Benefits of a First Call / Preferred Supplier agreement

  • More competitive Rates
  • Save 10% on permanent recruitment fees
  • Save 10% on Training and consultancy
  • Priority booking
  • Unique log in for Access to your live rota
  • Guaranteed response times
  • We will hand pick a team of staff to work for you giving Continuity of staff
  • We will offer bespoke training to meet the needs of individual service users (if required)
  • Regular service review meetings
  • Reporting on KPIs

Benefits of a Master Vendor contract.

Retain are able to offer a master vendor solution to your business.

Master Vendor relationships which work effectively offer clients a number of tangible benefits as shown below.  Agencies with a Master Vendor agreement will usually try to mirror the terms and conditions that they have agreed with the client in those that they agree with their 2nd Tier Suppliers.

Benefits to the client of a Master Vendor relationship include:    

  • Direct and indirect cost reduction delivered through:
    • Effective supplier price negotiation
    • Identification and prevention of unauthorised spend with unapproved suppliers.
  • Process efficiencies associated with streamlining and outsourcing candidate attraction, administration, management, monitoring, and invoicing procedures.
    • Automating hours management, invoicing and billing to save time and eliminate errors.
    • Minimising, consolidating and reducing unnecessary paperwork.
    • One bill / one payment run etc.
  • Time efficiencies through outsourcing all aspects of the recruitment supply chain.
    • Single point of contact.
  • Talent acquisition to ensure that sufficient specialist niche suppliers are approved to fulfil all of an organisation’s specialist skill sets, sectors and locations.
    • Reducing business risk by ensuring authorised fulfilment of all vacancies in all locations.
  • Quality and consistency of service, ensuring that:
    • Measuring and managing performance of all suppliers in line with minimum service level requirements, complete with a full audit trail.
    • All suppliers are governed and measured against the same performance metrics.
    • Ensuring compliance with legislation and corporate governance.
    • Audits to confirm CQC standards and regulations met
  • Speed of hire, specifically reducing the time taken from placing an order to vacancy fulfilment.
  • Evaluating purchasing habit and expenditures through detailed reporting and interrogation of management information
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