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Dementia service


At Retain Healthcare we know how important the right care and support is for people with dementia or dementia related conditions.

At Retain Healthcare, we understand the paramount significance of tailored care and support for individuals facing dementia or related conditions. Given the diverse impact dementia has on each person, we recognise the need for personalised support. Our highly skilled team collaborates with you or your loved one to ensure the flexibility of support, acknowledging the day-to-day changes that may arise.

In partnership with you or your loved one, we co-produce a comprehensive support plan for the present and future, ensuring that your preferences are not only acknowledged but also passionately advocated at every juncture.

To show our commitment, we provide our staff with specialised dementia training and condition-specific education. This ensures that our team possesses the precise skills and expertise required to facilitate individuals with dementia in living well at home for an extended period.

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