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The Helpful Stranger

  • December 23, 2021
The Helpful Stranger

Shout out to the helpful stranger! 

Last night one of our more female carers was out working in a little village in the middle of nowhere, very sadly there was a fatal accident and the road was closed.

Our carer was unable to get her car out, as the road was closed.

The carer walked to the local pub The Wyndham Arms, to ask if she could use the phone (as mobile signal is very poor out there).

She was going to ask her sister to come and get her, however one of the locals "The Helpful Stranger" said he would drop her home as she was a carer. On the way home she was saying she must get back in the morning to do her morning care calls. Once again "The Helpful Stranger" offered to pick her up and get her back to her car. This morning he was outside 7:30am to ensure she was on time for her care calls!

Although the carer will be sending a thank you card, we would also like to express our thanks! 

We would love "The Helpful Stranger" to get in touch with head office so we can express our gratitude to you. 

This is the spirit of Christmas.

This is community spirit.

So to "The Helpful Stranger", we are incredibly grateful for being so kind and helpful to our staff. 

#thewyndhamarms #thehelpfulstranger #christmasspirit #thankyou #grateful 

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