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Positive Feedback - Well done Elsie

  • October 01, 2021
Positive Feedback - Well done Elsie

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your colleague Elise Hunda for her exceptional professionalism and compassion shown to my twin brother CM during the early hours of Sunday 6th October, while she was working at "X" Nursing Home in Gloucestershire.

I received a call from Elise at 12.20 to say C was poorly and asked if I could come in. Elise was able to give me a full briefing on what had happened and asked me to fill her in with any gaps in his medical history.

During this worrying time for both C and myself Elsie showed tremendous empathy, compassion and professionalism. 

It now transpires that C had suffered a mini stroke, having been confirmed by the specialists at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

I hope that you will pass on my sincere thanks to Elise. Without her prompt and efficient action this would not have been diagnosed. 


With very best wishes"


Elsie was pesented with a Costa Coffee voucher and a certificate in excellence today by the Director of Retain Healthcare

Elsie said "Working for you is the best move I have ever made" and has recently brought her first house. 


Since this feedback Elsie has also received more positive feedback from another group of Nursing homes we supply which will go towards her revalidation.


Well done Elsie, Keep up the great work.. #TeamRetain

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