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GCPA 2019 Award Winner - Well done Rob

  • October 01, 2021
GCPA 2019 Award Winner - Well done Rob


Here at Retain Healthcare our ethos is to Retain Quality, Retain Independence, Retain Staff and Retain Skills. We are hugely grateful to all of our staff for living and breathing this vision every single day.

A recent nomination of just one of our outstanding staff members, saw him reaping the rewards as he scooped up the award for GCPA – GLOUCESTERSHIRE CARER OF THE YEAR 2019!

And here's why he won;

"As Robs manager I am bursting with pride and admiration for this caring and dedicated individual. He really goes above and beyond for our service users including walking for miles in the snow to ensure people got care and support at a critical time.

However, there is one occasion where he really went out of his way to ensure a Man’s maintained his dignity at a very difficult time in his life. Rob was asked to support a gentleman who was currently homeless and had been discharged from the hospital into a hotel, who needed care and support. Rob acted quickly as he was faced with a very angry hotel manager. He reassured the manager and alleviated her concerns. He supported the gentleman and quickly contacted the social work team who attended themselves that morning.

Whilst waiting for the social work team to attend, Rob then went home and came back with his own clothes to give to the gentleman as he had nothing. This brings a new meaning to giving the shirt off your own back, which Rob would do for anyone. Rob was supporting the gentleman making him laugh and putting him at ease. The gentleman was very unwell, and Rob took this all into account when supporting him.

I was with Rob when he supported this gentleman and I listened to his calm and caring approach, how he gave his own clothes without a second thought for himself, he just wanted the person he was supporting to have clean clothes and maintain his dignity. I felt a sense of pride that brought a tear to my eye ‘what a selfless caring person’.

Rob never seeks thanks or recognition for going out of his way for people, he truly is a kind and thoughtful person. That’s why I am nominating him for this award, true heroes are the ones who do it because they want to, not because they want a pat on the back.
This is his approach in everything he does, I only have to ask him for his support in any matter of the business and he is there helping out doing the best he can for people, Retain Healthcare is lucky to have him as are our customers and of course me as his manager.

Every customer he sees or works with, gives him such lovely feedback, and even in homecare where male staff can face challenges… with his approach, he has overcome any concerns our customers have had about male carers supporting them. He is a true asset to the sector and always goes the extra mile without a second thought."

A huge well done Rob, for all at Retain. Keep up the incredible standard you have set!



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