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Holiday Pay - Mindful Employer

  • October 01, 2021
Holiday Pay - Mindful Employer

Rates of pay are often a hot topic amongst healthcare staff when contacting recruitment agencies and sometimes staff are blinded by the rate of pay alone.... So, advice from Retain Healthcare is that its important to look at the whole package you are being offered and the type of contract. Also if you are charged a fee for failure to work due to sickness or absence.

As a mindful employer Retain Healthcare employ all of our staff, which gives you many benefits such as Pension, Holiday Pay, Free Training, and SSP... We know its important as a mindful employer to pay workers for their annual leave when they take it - As opposed to rolled-up holiday pay, which involves not paying the worker for their annual leave at the time their leave is taken, but incorporating an element relating to holiday pay in their hourly rate. This method is convenient for employers especially where a worker's hours of work and pay vary during the year. However this type of pay has been criticised as it often results in workers not taking their annual leave entitlement as they won't be able to claim a payment for time off.

Here at Retain Healthcare we believe people should be entitled to their annual leave / holiday pay and to take it when it suits them. Making time off and holidays more relaxing in the knowledge that you are still getting paid.. 

So we feel its important - when you look at the hourly rates on offer from agencies - Check to see what the package includes, are you employed, self employed are you entitled to holiday pay when you want a holiday / pension /SSP.. Are there any costs if you have the misfortune of being off sick.

At Retain Healthcare we look after you... as you look after our customers. - Register HERE today 

More details about the pitfalls rolled up holiday pay can be found here.....


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