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Safer Independence service launched 2019

  • October 01, 2021
Safer Independence service launched 2019

At Retain Healthcare we have launched a brand new service for our customers and local authorities – Safer Independence (Trade Mark).

This is a light touch service bringing together the many benefits and also the cost savings of using technology and charitable organisations to help support individuals to live as independently as possible with the safety of additional support where needed.

We all know that due to an ageing population the demand on care services continues to grow and put pressure on the healthcare sector with its limited resources. Our safer independence service was created and will enable independence, safely in the knowledge that technology and the 3rd sector can help. Following a needs analysis we could be able to assist with regular phone calls to helpful reminders, such as reminders to take medication or a telecare solution. This can be either a long or short-term solution and a support plan will be created with our customers to introduce ideas and technology that can help them to live as independently as possible.

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