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Retain Healthcare, Permanent recruitment division are recruiting a Care Lead for a prestigeous home on the outskirts of Bristol.

CARE LEAD shift times are 8am to 8pm

Shift leaders are an extremely important part of the management team at the Care Home since they are

the representatives of management in closest contact with the Residents and the people who deliver the



Provide continuous and consistent support for Residents, both physical, practical and emotional

which reflects any individual changing needs in line with their identified desires and their care plan.

This support should be provided in a manner that promotes their independence and safety, dignity

and privacy, and be non-discriminatory. They must also ensure their team deliver our service to

these standards.

Be committed to ongoing training in management techniques and other relevant subjects.

Play a key role in workplace communications by being an effective link between their teams and their

Manager and also between other shift leaders.

Be closely involved in ensuring good employee relations.

Attend staff meetings as required by the Home, Care Manager and Registered Manager.

Be aware exactly how the Home works and how it fits in with the rest of The Care Homes

service provision.


To achieve all care tasks with the aid of your team by planning,

co-ordinating, motivating and monitoring its performance - using:

Motivation - gaining commitment and co-operation and making the best use of the skills and

talents of each individual.

Familiarity - getting to know members of the team and respecting them as individuals.

Setting Targets - agreeing achievable targets with the team for the shift.

Information - explain reasons why tasks need to be achieved and keeping staff informed of

developments as they occur.

Approachability - listen to suggestions, grievances and consult your team.

Praise - give praise where praise is due (and be specific)

Leadership - the overall performance of the shift is your responsibility - thank all team

members before they leave to go home.

Awareness - looking out for the health & safety of your team.

Leading by example at all times

To communicate effectively with all members of the work team including Senior Managers, staff of

the other unit and support staff.

To accurately record information (to the standard specified in The Care Homes Policy &

Procedures) including all care planning and care delivered to our Residents, to ensure this care

planning is kept 'up to date' and to report promptly to Care Manager or Registered Manager any

problems or concerns in delivering this care.

Enriching Lives Together

To meet legal and professional requirements with regard to the dispensing, storage and

administration of medication.

To ensure that any complaints received from whatever source are properly logged and reported to

the Care Manager or Registered Manager.

To fully understand and observe confidentiality in all matters concerning Care Homes

Residents and staff members.

To accurately maintain all other documentation necessary to ensure the smooth running and quality

of service provision of Care Homes.

To communicate effectively with Residents, their families and representatives and all professional

associates and visitors to Care Homes.

To take a key role in promoting the Philosophy and Policies and Procedures of Care Homes

and disseminating knowledge of these throughout the organisation.

To be familiar with Health & Safety at Work Regulations and take responsibility for the Health &

Safety of The Care Homes Residents, your staff team and visitors.

To ensure that fire alarms, Residents call systems (call bell and sensor mats) and door alarms are

fully functional during each shift and to report and log immediately any faults reported and follow

policy to rectify this.

Monitor the effective use of resources in providing our service

Maintain disciplinary Actions as per Policy and Procedures or underperformance by individuals

Repeat or serious non-compliance / underperformance must be reported immediately to the Care

Lead and Care Manager.

To understand the role of the named keyworker and ensure you carry out this role effectively and

that your staff team are also familiar with and carry out this role effectively, ensuring documentation

is completed every month in relation to this

Ensure adequate staff cover at all times, including forthcoming shifts where there is known to be a

problem due to sickness etc.

Work as part of the management team within a flexible rota which will include shift work, weekends

bank holidays.

To be prepared to accept other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the post, in light of

changing circumstances.

To establish and maintain good relationships with Residents, their family and representatives,

professional contacts, members of the local community, suppliers and any other parties with whom

The Care Home has dealings and to welcome and be courteous to all visitors to the Care

Home at all times.

In the absence of the Care Manager or Registered Manager, to record appropriate details of any

prospective Residents, following the policy and procedure and provide this information to Care

Manager or Registered Manager as soon as they are next available.

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