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Rhyannon Cook

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

What is your job title at Retain Healthcare?

I am a Recruitment and Retention Coordinator for Bristol.


What do you enjoy about your job role?

I love the diversity of what I do, no day is ever the same. I love the contact I have with staff and clients, making solid relationships. I love the challenges I face and being able to problem solve and feeling very accomplished. I have a lot of satisfaction in my job role, I have a huge passion for the Healthcare sector and have found a job I strive within and am good at. I love being able to help and support everyone in all aspects of my life, so in this job I feel I am always helping someone no matter what that might be.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Even though I am young, I am quite an old soul. I enjoy my wordsearch puzzles, as I love learning new words. I have a really big family, so I am always surrounded by them, making new memories and spending quality time with each other. I am a curious person, so I love exploring and finding new and beautiful places.

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