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Helen Bower

Internal Training Lead

What is your job title at Retain Skills?

Internal Training Lead

What do you enjoy about your job role?

I Love teaching a broad range of topics, which is lucky as that's my job! I am passionate about sharing creative solutions to tricky situations, which may involve aspects of personal care, dementia and end of life. I know there can be many challenges the care/ nursing team face on a daily basis, and I believe that they are among life's best people, I feel lucky to work with so many! I Enjoy Retain's open, friendly and transparent way of working. I feel we have the power to be innovative and I am excited about our future.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy riding my electric motorbike to work (no hint of a midlife crisis there) I'm currently helping to renovate a house. I play badminton and do some cycling and walking. I run and on the odd occasion - mostly when late! I lalso ike meditation, yoga and other alternatie approaches which keep me cheerful and open-minded. I'm social and happiest amongst a group or a team.

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